Young Cupid on National Team Again

Cupid’s symbol of love for the Warriors.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

One of the new kids on the block for the Trinidad and Tobago senior team Kern Cupid is hoping that a consistent level of play for the “Soca Warriors” can keep him in the running for selection for some of the upcoming international matches starting with the June 1 friendly international against England.
The 23-year-old Cupid, a member of the W Connection club, has played five games for T&T since making his debut in a 0-0 draw with El Salvador last year and Francisco Maturana has given him the nod in recent times. He started the recent 3-0 win over Barbados playing in the right back position.
“It’s been great to get the chance to play for the national team. Anytime you get the chance to put on the colours of T&T is a great achievement..  it’s a proud achievement  knowing that all the hard work that I’ve put in has paid off. Hopefully I can be consistent and the coach can realize this and keep me in the squad for some time to come,” Cupid told TTFF Media.
But Cupid knows that it will be a challenge to maintain a starting position and this has made him even more committed towards working sufficiently to stay in Maturana’s team.
“A lot of the big guns are coming for the games coming up but I think once I keep my game up and I remain consistent then I can be in the squad. “
He’s not the boy with a bow and arrow but he definitely possesses an unconditional love for the game and is using his boots and shin guards as his symbol.
“ I’ve always believed in hard work and being humble and serious. You have to make up your mind in terms of what you want to achieve in life. Once you stick to your aims and goals in life then things can come good for you. I love the experience I’m getting right now being part of this team and when you get a taste of it.. it’s something that you want to be away from for any amount of time,” said Cupid who grew up playing street football and with a home team in Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas before joining W Connection as a youth player.
“That’s how I came out. I have always believed in myself and then the coaching I received at W Connection from the youth system has helped me and this is the result of it now. The experience at Charleston and growing up at W Connection is not much of a difference. It’s a more family atmosphere at W Connection though. It’s been a major part of the club since it’s inception and it has remained with me.”
Cupid also commented on his time under Maturana saying that the language barrier with the Colombian has not affected the communication between them.
“He has a little bit of English in him but Anton translates most of the time. He (Maturana) is a good coach, he’s patient and he believes in the youth. He thinks that once the younger players are doing well he will give them the chance,” Cupid added.
He was on trial at American A-League club Charleston Battery earlier this year but returned to Connection after contract hopes at the US club didn’t materialize.
“Hopefully that was a stepping stone even though I didn’t get the contract but I definitely hope to go back out at some point in time. It didn’t happen because of circumstances beyond my control. But I’m hoping that playing more for the national team can help me get  a contract outside.” But for now Cupid just wants to wear the red, white and black.
“That’s my ultimate aim right now… to keep playing for the national team and hopefully play a big part in helping the country get to the next World Cup in South Africa.”

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