MLF Athletes in CONCACAF Champions Cup

The preliminary round of the CONCACAF Champions league will start this week, with 8 matches between different teams located throughout North and Central America hoping to make it to the semifinals after group play has concluded. MLF Athletes Scott Jones, Kendall Jagdeosingh and Osei Telesford all hope to start for the Puerto Rico Islanders as they take on the Costa Rican team LD Alajuelense on Wednesday, August 27th. Also in the mix are Joe Public FC goalkeeper Alejandro Figueroa, Gary Glasgow and Seon Power, who will take on the New England Revolution at home in Trinidad on Tuesday. This first round promises to be an exciting one, as teams from all over the continent begin to compete against teams they would otherwise never face. With all the commotion surrounding Champions league play, expect to see an upset or two, and prepare for some exhilarating football.

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